North Bergen Liberty Generating Statement Regarding Protester Claims

By | November 27, 2023

(EAST RUTHERFORD) – North Bergen Liberty Generating, LLC, a subsidiary of Diamond Generating Corporation, today issued the following statement in response to protesters of the proposed NBLG electric generating plant.

“Building an electric power plant and protecting the environment need not be mutually exclusive. NBLG believes that older, inefficient power plants must be replaced by the latest, most efficient, and environmentally advanced electric generating facilities, which is what we are proposing to build in a heavy industrial area of North Bergen Township.

“Our facility would displace less efficient – and higher emitting – forms of electric generation. This would allow NYISO to generate significantly less electricity at existing inefficient oil and natural gas-fired plants within New York City. Over the first 15 years of NBLG’s operations, an average reduction of approximately 25-percent in annual emissions of NOx and 32-percent in annual emissions of SO2 from older power plants located in New York City is projected. For CO2, a 15-year savings of 15 million tons across the northeastern US is projected as a benefit of the higher efficiency and lower emissions intensity of the NBLG plant.

“Additionally, 100-percent of NBLG Greenhouse Gas emissions would be offset through the purchase of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative credits, and 130-percent of the allowable NOx and VOC emissions from the facility will be offset by the purchase of Creditable Emission Reductions. The plant also would recycle about five million gallons of water daily that would be returned to the local utility authority.

“As a good corporate citizen, NBLG will work with the environmental community and invest in Meadowlands wildlife conservation efforts. NBLG also would like to work with Governor Murphy to invest in renewable energy projects throughout New Jersey.

“However, constructing a solar facility capable of a generating capacity equal to the NBLG plant would require a land area six to 10 times the size of Central Park. Of course, there is no room anywhere in the region to build such a facility without destroying precious open space or clear-cutting thousands of trees.

“Simply put, building our project on the proposed site will keep environmentally sensitive lands from being impacted while ensuring a safe, clean, reliable supply of electricity.”

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